What is a KEYWORD?

A KEYWORD is a personalized and unique term you own and use in conjunction with our Houston based shortcode 713713.
For example Text DEMO to 713713 – the term DEMO is the KEYWORD.

How do I use my KEYWORD and how will it help me?

Advertising your KEYWORD will allow you to do two things:
– Send an immediate personalized message whenever a customer texts your KEYWORD to 713713
– Add that customer to your subscriber list. You can then send out personalized text messages to anyone on your subscriber list.

What is a Premium KEYWORD?

Premium keywords are very general terms similar to categories uses by the Yellow Pages and other advertising venues. These are easy to remember terms and have the potential to capture business from consumers looking for information on specific types of good or services rather than specific company names.


Text PLUMBER to 713713 = auto-response to from plumbing company sponsoring keyword PLUMBER
Text DWI to 713713 = auto-response from attorney sponsoring keyword DWI
Text TEXMEX to 713713 = auto-response from restaurant sponsoring keyword TEXMEX

How much does it cost?

We offer two pricing options:

Standard Package:  1 Personalized non-premium keyword.  $50 per month + 5 cents per message
Premium Package:  1 Premium keyword.  $250 per month + 5 cents per message

What is a ShortCode?

Shortcodes are abbreviated phone numbers made available exclusively for commercial mass text messaging. TextHouston.com currently maintains control over an easy to remember shortcode: 713713.

What is an Auto-Response Message?

With your TextHouston.com account, you are given the ability to create an automatic response message that is sent back to people who text in your keyword. The auto-response message and be used to convey contact information, links to your website, current promotions, coupons, etc. The auto-response message can be changed at any time.

How do I manage my account?

All accounts include an account dashboard which allows TextHouston.com partners to:

Monitor current list member count
Send text blast to your subscriber list
Change auto-responder message

Why Text Messaging?

According to the Mobile Marketing Association, text messages have a read rate of over 95% and a response rate of over 20%.  Compare this to less than 10% read rate for email and even less for print advertising.  The test advertising market is growing and is proving to be a vital new method of reaching consumers in a world of information overload.

How Do I Get Started?

Choose Your KEYWORD and Text Code
Set-up your auto-responder in your Account Dashboard
Advertise your KEYWORD to the world!